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Buying traffic.

It's one of the biggest headaches you face as a marketer.

Not only do you have to worry about the price you're paying per click (CPC)...

... But also how many clicks you're getting.

Most seasoned marketers know what it's like to dish out cold hard cash for an ad only to have it not perform.

Even worse is when you spend money changing the copy and design with no real improvement.

It can make you feel like you're wasting your time and money.

In the worst cases it can force you to scrap entire projects because you never build a big enough list.

But what if there was a way to boost your CTR dramatically without spending thousands on split testing, copy and design changes?

What if there was a simple "one click" solution that could suddenly boost your CTR by 1000% or more in some cases...

... AND let you recapture customers who made it all the way to the order page but stopped for one reason or another?

It's Called "Ad Retargeting"
And It Can Completely Transform The Way You Do Business Online!

Ad retargeting lets you reconnect with a visitor who has left a site without buying anything.

It works by tracking visits to your site.

When somebody visits your site (if you have a retargeting code), a "message" gets sent back to sites you advertise on.

Instead of just seeing random ads visitors to your site will now see specifically those ads that YOU WANT THEM TO SEE.

The difference is this:

Instead of showing your ads to random people, you're now showing them to an audience of people who have already been to your site.

This dramatically increases sales for two reasons:

reason #1

It helps "re-capture" sales that were going to close but didn't.

A certain percentage of visitors to your website will get to the checkout but not buy. Usually this isn't because they changed their mind, but because they got distracted or accidentally clicked out of the window. By retargeting them you can send them a "friendly reminder" and close the sale.

reason #2

It shows people ads they actually want to see.

Even people who were never close to buying something on your site were at least interested enough to visit it. This makes retargeted ads much less intrusive, and more likely to be clicked.

So How Powerful IS Retargeting Anyway?
Just Check Out The Stats!

These stats might look start to believe or even "too good to be true"...

... but a quick Google search will show you that ALL the stats below are 100% real, and confirm the ridiculous profit boosting power of ad retargeting.

  • Users who are retargeted with display ads are 70% more likely to buy something.
  • The average clickthrough rate for retargeted ads is 10 times higher than that for regular display ads.
  • According to a study by comScore, retargeting can result in a conversion rate boost of up to 1024% in branded search.
  • Retargeting exposure leads to a 726% lift in traffic for 4 whole weeks.
  • With retargeting, the percentage of people who come back to buy increases to 26%.
  • 46% of buyers have a neutral or positive reaction to seeing retargeted ads. On the other hand, most people HATE seeing un-targeted ads, because they are usually from businesses they don't care about.
  • 86% of marketers are now using site retargeting.
  • 67% of marketers are using Facebook's retargeting exchange.

The bottom line?

Ad Retargeting Works.

If you're struggling to make money with your online advertising you will make much more by retargeting.

The statistics are clear as day:

Start retargeting = Make More Money!

Retargeting is so effective that if you have any traffic at all right now, you are basically guaranteed to get a higher CTR.

In marketing almost nothing is guaranteed.

But retargeting means that your ads are now being shown to warm leads instead of cold leads.

And if you have any experience with sales you know that warm leads almost always convert better.

"But I Already Do Ad Retargeting!"

Most marketers out there either aren't doing retargeting or don't even buy traffic at all yet.

Many think that straightforward display ads are the only option available...

... When the truth is everybody who knows what they're doing online these days is retargeting.

All of the major players"”Facebook, Google, Amazon"”started making much more money when they began retargeting.

And the exact same thing is true for people who advertise with them.

But whether you're already doing retargeting or not, I'm going to show you a product that can dramatically boost your results.

If you haven't ever done retargeting before this product will make it dramatically easier to start.

If you're already doing retargeting and running tons of campaigns and tests, this will let you do it faster and easier.

... And, even more importantly, it will help you recapture leads you lost because they made it to the order form but didn't complete the sale.


The "All-In-One" Ad Retargeting System That Lets You Target All The Major Ad Networks And Can Boost Your CTR By As Much As 1000%!

Bullseye Retargeter is a retargeting system that lets you retarget ads instantly whenever someone visits your site.

There are already plenty of ad-retargeting exchanges on the web.

What makes Bullseye Retargeter so powerful is that it gives you a fast and easy way to retarget at the click of a button...

... On ANY MAJOR NETWORK that uses retargeting.

To run campaigns on all these sights manually is a pain.

With Bullseye Retargeter, you can do it all from one simple "turnkey" interface.

You can use Bullseye Retargeter for ANY CAMPAIGN you want to run:

Put simply, if you do any business online, Bullseye Retargeter Will help you make more money.

The secret is...

... Bullseye's Powerful Features That Let You Manage Retargeting Campaigns From One Simple Interface Saving You Huge Amounts Of Time

how it works

The Bullseye Retargeter interface is ridiculously simple and easy to use. All it takes is 3 simple steps:

  1. Click on create new audience.
  2. Give the audience a name (choose something relevant to the site you're targeting).
  3. Enter the re-targeting URL you got from the ad network.
  4. Enter the URL of your site or landing page. Simply enter your website URL (www.yoursite.com); or, if you're targeting a specific page on your site only, enter the subdirectory (www.yoursite.com/landingpage).

It's just that easy! 4 simple steps for as many campaigns as you want, all from one easy interface!

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If you aren't getting enough traffic...

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And if you've already discovered the power of retargeting, Bullseye Retargeter will let you do it faster, so you can run more tests and campaigns.

You can use Bullseye Retargeter for ANY CAMPAIGN you want to run:

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Professionally Developed & Supported - Selling Over 12 Million in Software Sales!

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